About us...


                 Brave (adjective) : as having or feeling no fear.

We think we know what brave means, but do we really?  We all think that we know the difference between right and wrong, between what is important and what isn’t, but do we really?  Would all of us make the decision to risk it all?  Would all of us make the decision to put our life on hold?  And serve?  In a world that is suddenly awash in self interest we are reminded by the everyday sacrifices of our soldiers willing to put in it all on the line; yes, to be brave.  For that, we are honored and humbled.  All of us at Brave Apparel, and YOU when you wear this top quality clothing, are now serving the bravest of all - our veterans.

The three of us decided that we wanted to do more with our lives and help people who are struggling.  We all had our hearts stuck on veterans from day one. We decided that Home Base would be the perfect foundation to work with after discovering how psychologically painful PTSD can be.  We decided that it was our turn to help those who risked their lives to protect us.  Our main goal through selling our shirts is to raise awareness and money for the Home Base Foundation.  We want anyone who thinks they might have PTSD be able to call and get help.

We salute anyone who has served, is serving, or wants to serve.  Brave Apparel would like to show our appreciation through the story we tell with our shirts.

Be Brave, 

Mike Foley, and Graham Duprey, Jack Martin